15 7 / 2013

imageA “mail order bride" generally refers to a woman who wants to find a husband from outside of the country she lives in. Southeast Asian and Chinese mail order brides are particularly popular among Western men, because they are considered as attractive, feminine and gentle. These days, with the internet available everywhere in the world, connecting to ladies from the Far East is as simple as visiting some quality Asian dating sites. Before you start searching for your future Chinese wife, it’s useful to learn some facts about Chinese mail order brides in general.

Firstly, you should understand the reason why many Chinese women are willing to offer themselves up as mail order brides. This is in part due to the economic conditions in their homelands. Marrying a foreign husband is a step up the social-economic ladder. Another reason is that they consider a foreign husband as a kind, romantic, respectful and chivalrous gentleman who will treat them more as equals than the men from their own country. Moreover, the desire to live in a different part of the world or be a part of a different culture is another possible reason why some Chinese women want to be mail order brides.

Chinese women are traditionally raised to value and respect their husbands and are usually totally committed to their marriages. They are very faithful, supportive, considerate and tolerant, which means they will make good wives and good mothers. Loyalty is a virtue that you will find in most Chinese women. A Chinese girl looking for a serious relationship will lose interest in others as soon as she has found her man. Having a high regard for family, many Chinese women want nothing more than to care for her husband, home, and children, which is exactly what makes them so attractive to foreign men. However, if you’re looking for a submissive wife who will do everything you tell her to, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Many of the women that you may meet nowadays will be Westernized to some extent. They are fully aware of their value as an individual and as a partner. They will not settle for less than what they deserve. They are also very strong-willed and practical, especially when it comes to having a promising future.

If you have realistic expectations and treat your potential Chinese bride with love and respect, you will come to know happiness and a way of life you will never have with a Western woman!


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